SAVE THE DATE: 4-7.06.2024🔥📣🔥📣  




Exhibition of Metallurgy, Foundry and Metal Industry

A dozen or so years of tradition in the organization of METALFORUM showroom and the dynamic development of this space proves the strength of this branch of the industry. It is one of the most important annual gatherings for representatives of the metallurgy and metal industry in the country.

According to data by EuroFer (The European Steel Association), the steel industry in 22 EU countries employs 330 thousand workers directly and provides about 2.5 million jobs in related industries.

Companies from the metal sector are developing not only in the largest markets. The metal industry is linked to other manufacturing sectors. Semi-finished metal products are supplied to automotive, machinery, transport and specialist corporations. In the opinion of experts, the green transformation of the European Union economy can be the trigger for further development and rapid implementation of new technologies. 

METALFORUM Exhibition:

  • Metallurgy
  • Foundry
  • Metal industry

Thematic scope