SAVE THE DATE: 3-6.06.2025🔥📣🔥📣  




Smart Factory at ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE is a unique exhibition space prepared in cooperation with market leaders.

It is here that you will see production processes in smart factories using the latest tools and solutions. And all this in line with the fourth industrial revolution! At Smart Factory, during the largest industrial fair in this part of Europe, i.e. ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE, there will be examples based on IoT, digitization and robotization. The Smart Factory zone will be open throughout the duration of the fair.


  • specially separated and marked zone
  • open space without typical market stands for easy sightseeing
  • a unique place to present innovative solutions in the field of so-called factories of the future

Near the Smart Factory zone there will be a stage where companies will be able to additionally present their products or solutions in the "smart" spirit. The exhibitor will have about 10-15 minutes. for the speech (only on the third day of the fair).

SMART FACTORY – what a partner will gain:

  • granting the status of a business partner
  • increasing brand recognition
  • placing information about the partner in printed materials promoting the Smart Factory event
  • partner promotion in a dedicated company summarizing the Smart Factory project
  • display of the partner logo on the PCC building facade
  • reaching with information about the partner to thousands of users of the website and social media of the ITM fair
  • the ability to display your own advertising materials in the Smart Factory space
  • participation in the Smart Factory tour path as part of the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE program
  • other forms of promotion determined individually

Announce your innovations to the world, join SMART FACTORY partners!


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Marta Michalak