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2024 Gold Medal Recipients


Once again, the competition jury awarded the Gold Medals at the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE 2024 fair, in the categories of Industrial Products and Science for the Economy, as well as at the Logistics, Warehousing, and Transport fair, MODERNLOG 2024. As the experts evaluating the submitted solutions emphasized, the selection of the winners was very difficult due to their high level of innovation and unique features related to sustainable development. The jury decided to award twenty-two Gold Medals to products submitted by exhibitors at the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE fair. Additionally, five of these prestigious distinctions were awarded to companies presenting their offerings at the Modernlog fair.

Once again, the panel of experts, after hours of deliberation, made decisions to distinguish the best products and services by awarding them the MTP Gold Medal – one of the most prestigious and recognizable trade fair awards in our country.

World-class Winners

The competition jury was chaired by Prof. Dr. Eng. Michał Adam Wieczorowski, Vice-Rector for Development and Cooperation with the Economy at the Poznań University of Technology. He replaced the long-serving chairman, Prof. Dr. Eng. Jan Żurek – Vice-Rector for Cooperation with the Economy, Head of the Department of Technology Design, Institute of Mechanical Technology at the Poznań University of Technology. "This year, the management of the MTP Group made me a very honorable offer to chair the deliberations of the Competition Court, qualifying the submitted solutions for the Gold Medal. It is a very responsible task, but it is facilitated by an excellent group of domain experts. It is their knowledge that allows us to identify the so-called gems among the presented proposals," notes Prof. Wieczorowski.

The products awarded this year represent a world-class level, confirming the presence of the latest solutions in our industrial market. New trends in IT solutions are evident, particularly artificial intelligence procedures, which are increasingly being used in various industries. Aware of the issues stemming from workforce shortages, many manufacturers are boldly turning to ideas related to automation and robotics. "Also noticeable are solutions based on modular construction, allowing for faster and more flexible retooling of workstations. The principles of sustainable development have also become standard, with a strong emphasis on ecology and ensuring the best possible world for future generations. This is evident in the materials used and the reduction of energy consumption required to power devices and conduct technological processes. There are solutions where manufacturers consider Industry 5.0 as the next step in technological development after Industry 4.0," comments the jury chairman on this year's competition.

The awarded products are characterized by greater efficiency, ensuring a more competitive position for users. It is worth noting that this year's proposals also include software and services. Additionally, many of the proposed products are of Polish origin.

Poland as an Important Market for Investment

"Our domestic industry is developing more dynamically, entering difficult international markets without complexes. We also have solutions where the commercialization of scientists' ideas or initiatives from national offices, closely cooperating with the market, is used. In short, despite the global economy experiencing a period of challenges, there are clear positive trends showing emerging innovations drawing from various sources of inspiration. The presence of such solutions at the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE 2024 and MODERNLOG 2024 fairs in Poznań confirms that our country is an important market worth investing in and developing products and services," adds Prof. Michał Adam Wieczorowski.

New - Grand Prix Award

This year, the jury members paid particular attention to sustainable development, ensuring that producing new products does not degrade the surrounding world. A novelty of this year's MTP Gold Medal competition at the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE and MODERNLOG fairs is the awarding of a special Grand Prix for an exceptional solution that impressed the experts by showing interesting possibilities.

The laureate will be announced at the opening ceremony of the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE fair on June 4, 2024, during which this year's Gold Medals will be awarded.

Members of the MTP Gold Medal competition jury for the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE and MODERNLOG fairs:

  1. Prof. Dr. Eng. Michał Adam Wieczorowski – Vice-Rector for Development and Cooperation with the Economy, Poznań University of Technology
  2. Prof. Dr. Eng. Dariusz Boroński – Jan and Jędrzej Śniadecki University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz; Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; Department of Machine Design and Biomedical Engineering
  3. Prof. Dr. Eng. Zbigniew Gronostajski – Wrocław University of Science and Technology; Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; Department of Plastic Working, Welding, and Metrology
  4. Dr. Eng. Mirosław Tadeusz Pajor, Associate Professor - Dean: West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin; Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics
  5. Dr. Eng. Zbigniew Siemiątkowski, Associate Professor - Kazimierz Pułaski University of Technology and Humanities in Radom; Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; Department of Machine Technology
  6. Prof. Dr. Eng. Jerzy Józef Sobczak, Honorary Doctor - AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków; Faculty of Foundry Engineering; Department of Foundry Molding Materials, Technology, and Non-Ferrous Metals Casting
  7. Dr. Eng. Krzysztof Netter - Lecturer, Poznań University of Technology; Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; Institute of Mechanical Technology
  8. Dr. Andrzej Soldaty - Director of the Center for Industry 4.0, Silesian University of Technology



Altergrinding E

SYNTACO SP. Z O.O. - applicant | LUBRINNOVA - manufacturer

ALTERGRINDING E is based on colourless synthetic esters of plant origin, suitable for operations where the cleanliness of the workpiece and machine is an essential condition. Its special formula has been developed for sharpening carbide and HSS steel tools, where it is important to avoid cobalt leaching in order to maintain the cleanliness of the machine and the health of the operator. This product is perfect for grinding or light cutting operations because its low viscosity combined with the "secret" ingredient developed in our laboratories promotes the decantation of dust or metal shavings, making them easier to filter and leaving the machine clean at all times. Despite its low viscosity, it has a high flash point, making its use safe and very economic due to low consumption through low evaporation or spraying. This liquid is ECOLOGICALLY DESIGNED and can therefore be sourced from a regeneration chain to which it can then be allocated at end-of-life, helping to reduce CO2 emissions and reducing the use of non-renewable substances.

Eagle Lasers iNspire 2.0

EAGLE SP. Z O.O. - applicant and manufacturer

iNspire has always symbolized the pinnacle of innovation. But for us, innovation is not only about crossing boundaries, it is also about setting new standards. We have improved speed, ergonomics and functionality to ensure an even higher quality of use. The new version of iNspire 30kW offers more precise cutting, more accessible monitoring and service processes, as well as much more convenient use.

e-CzasPL – system for reliable distribution of official time in the territory of the Republic of Poland

Central Office of Measures - applicant and manufacturer

Implemented by the Central Office of Measures "e-CzasPL" is an innovative system for the distribution of time valid in the territory of the Republic of Poland It consists of: e-Czas Radio for distributing time signals via long-wave radio; e-Czas PTP a fibre optic time distribution service for professional applications; e-Czas Monitor used for additional confirmation of synchronisation compliance and for authentication; e-Czas Online a mobile app for free access to a reliable time source.

EtE®flow Pallet Cell 500

ASTOR SP. Z O.O. - applicant and manufacturer

The right things, in the right quantity, at the right time and in the right place.  The EtE ® flow Pallet Cell is an innovative solution to increase the efficiency of the palletising process with a safety system in place for safe working between the robot and the operator.  Product benefits include: pallet change without stopping the robot, reducing unnecessary downtime, mobility, space saving, remote access, quick installation and commissioning, as well as operator and DUR training.

Datron NEO CNC milling machine

ROTEC POLSKA PIOTR CIMR- applicant | DATRON AG - manufacturer

The Neo CNC milling machine manufactured by the German company Datron is small and compact with a relatively large working area. Ergonomic design and easy front access as well as a vacuum table allow for quick and reliable clamping and processing of the workpiece. The machine provides excellent machining speed with 2 kW power and a spindle speed of 40,000 rpm, and thanks to alcohol cooling, the machining process is extremely clean. The modern interface with a touch screen ensures simple and intuitive operation.

Machine threader of "Chip Breaker" series

YG-1 POLAND SP. Z O.O. - applicant | YG-1 CO., LTD. - manufacturer

Machine threader of the Chip Breaker series generates short chips. The innovative YG-1 threader creating short chips (Chip Breaker) is a solution to the problem of low threading productivity caused by long chips. The TiN coating has good resistance to elevated operating temperatures. The threader is provided with an innovative chip breaker geometry that is ground at the end. The threaders are designed for machining free-cutting steel, unalloyed steel and low-alloy steel, but all materials up to 32 HRc.

TruLaser Station 7000 (LS02) – a zompact 3D laser welding station with TruDisk 2021 (FD31)

TRUMPF POLSKA SP. Z O.O. SP. K. - applicant and manufacturer

"Highest quality Green lasers are the basis for high-quality copper welding with minimal spatter. For all surface properties. Whether you need to process a polished, oxidised or ground copper surface, the green laser light always achieves excellent results. Full flexibility – continuous pulse or pulsed operation. Also with green lasers it is possible to choose between pulsed and continuous pulse lasers and adapt them optimally to own requirements. Maximum repeatability. Benefit from stable conduction and deep-fusion welding processes at a constant welding depth. Durability and reliability. Durability and strength are the features that distinguish our TruDisk infrared lasers. You can also fully rely on TruDisk green light lasers. Minimal heat impact. The small heat affected zone in copper is an advantage that minimizes part wear because there is no deformation of adjacent plastic components.

Comprehensive support in CNC machining

ABPLANALP SP. Z O.O. - applicant and manufacturer

Our comprehensive solutions make us a one-stop shop for every customer – regardless of requirements and needs. We have a full portfolio of products and services that guarantee satisfaction.

Nexelem APS

VIRTUS LAB SP. Z O.O. - applicant and manufacturer

Nexelem APS is a modern and fast production queue optimization system built in the digital twin architecture. Optimization functions tailored to business goals guarantee freedom and flexibility in the production optimization method.

A new version of the iconic PVD coating | BALINIT® ALCRONA EVO | "Born to evolve. Made to last."

OERLIKON BALZERS COATING POLAND SP. Z O.O. - applicant and manufacturer

Tools currently used in metal processing must transfer increasingly higher mechanical loads and withstand increasingly higher temperatures. BALINIT® ALCRONA EVO was created as an evolution of the coating introduced in 2004. The bar has been raised once again. This solution ensures excellent results in machining, gear cutting, milling, as well as in plastic processing, stamping and punching. BALINIT® ALCRONA EVO ensures greater productivity compared to its previous version. Thanks to improved properties, tool life increases by up to 30%*. Advantages: higher wear resistance thanks to optimized coating structure and increased hardness, better performance, lower compressive stresses, less crater wear of HSS tools, lower tool costs and therefore a positive contribution to sustainability.

RAC traceability software

RAC SYSTEMS SP. Z O.O. - applicant and manufacturer

RAC Traceability is the only innovative, flexible and independent method of tracking product history on the market, based on high-class technology and integrated IT software. It allows provides comprehensive monitoring of the product life cycle and supports companies in production management, logistics and quality control. The system can be adapted to individual requirements and various production lines, both manual and automated. RAC Traceability is a guarantee of production quality!

ProtoPlastMaker 4.0 – additive and cutting centre for plastics processing


ProtoPlastMaker 4.0 additive and cutting centre is designed for quick prototyping and machining of large-sized plastic parts (1x1x2m). The device allows user to print from granules (PLA, PET-G, PET-G+CF, ABS, ABS+AF, ASA, PA, PA+CF, PVA) in 3 axes and process the printed item in 5 axes using one clamping positiom. This one installation This enables operator to produce the item in one, fully automated production phase. A unique feature of the solution is full support for the G-code language.

SCHENCK Smart Balancer 4 for balancing bearings and vibration diagnostics


Smart Balancer 4 is the latest version of SCHENCK RoTec's bearing balancer and vibration diagnostic device. Advanced measurement and diagnostic functions allow user to perform measurements in 6 channels simultaneously and monitor data in real time. The intuitive interface on a 10-inch touch screen and automation and data archiving functions facilitate operation, even for less experienced operators. Smart Balancer 4 increases efficiency, minimizes maintenance costs and prevents failures.


TENTE SP. Z O.O. - applicant and manufacturer

The Scout wheel with a pen-style locking mechanism ensures user safety. The Scout wheel is also constructed with high-quality stainless steel components, making it not only sturdy and durable, but also easy to clean. But above all, it is an innovative solution that allows the integration of AGF robots with traditional transport trolleys. This wheel is designed with care for ergonomics and efficiency of the transport process, and with great emphasis on durability and environmental impact. It is a perfect solution combining human needs with AGF requirements.

STAR SP-23 Automatic longitudinal lathe

RANDS RYŻEWSCY SP. K. - applicant | STAR MICRONICS CO., LTD. - manufacturer

STAR MICRONICS has developed a new model of the SP-23 automatic lathe, which provides great versatility and allows operators to process materials with a diameter of up to 23 mm as standard. The new model was introduced to the market in September 2023. This machine has an impressive number of 8 turning tools and 7 driven cross-cutting stations, 5 of which are replaceable. It can also be used with proven SR class driven tools.

CUBE modular welding table

CUBE.ENGINEERING SP.J. - applicant and manufacturer

The CUBE precision table is an advanced tool that guarantees 100% repeatability and the highest quality thanks to an innovative production system. It allows user to set any configuration of the work surface, which reduces processing costs. It is distinguished by extreme durability and perfect flatness that is 10 times better than standard solutions.

TRANS-TACHO – an IT system used to create a digital environment for the implementation of public services and tasks of the Central Office of Measures performed for tachographs

CENTRAL OFFICE OF MEASURES - applicant and manufacturer

TRANS-TACHO online 24/7 app for TACHOgraphs. Transparent: simple procedures for public services and public registers. Responsive: electronic communication in the implementation of public services. Adequate: reducing administrative burden. Modern: IT system. TACHOgraph system: a tool for implementation of public services and other tasks supporting the proper functioning of the TACHOgraphs improving the safety of road transport.


AMADA SP. Z O.O. - applicant and manufacturer

The Ventis AJe 6kW laser cutting machine uses AMADA’s groundbreaking Locus Beam Control (LBC) technology to provide a flexible solution that is tailored to any laser cutting need. The new cutter with the Amada resonator with a single 6KW diode module was designed for high speed and efficiency of the cutting process. LBC technology allows the laser beam to move in predetermined patterns regardless of the movement of the cutting head, ensuring optimal material removal. Full control of the beam movement makes it possible to cut small round holes up to 2.5 mm in diameter without moving the head in the X and Y directions. This ensures much faster processing. Time reductions of 75% were achieved during trials.

Visometry Twyn

INVIZION SP. Z O.O. - applicant | VISOMETRY GMBH - manufacturer

Twyn is a breakthrough tool based on augmented reality that allows operator to control the execution and completeness of a product in real time using only a tablet. The operator can instantly check the presence of desired geometric features of the part or potentially missing parts of the assembly and the correct mounting of components, together with their proper position. Visometry Twyn is an intuitive and effective way to compare the current state with the planned one. Its design and features make Twyn perfect for industrial applications. It is particularly useful at the beginning of the production process as it allows user to easily identify non-conformities and avoid costly downtime and rework.

WinTool - CNC tool management software

HAIMER POLSKA - applicant | WINTOOL AG - manufacturer

WinTool is CNC tool management software that helps manufacturing companies increase productivity, reduce costs and improve product quality. With WinTool, operators may shorten programming time and optimize tool selection, avoid downtime and lower tool costs, improve process consistency and product quality, and gain better control over production operations. WinTool is easy to use and offers a wide range of functions.

Industrial safety fences – in line with the requirements of the Machinery Directive (and the Machinery Regulation which enters into force in 2027)

TROAX SAFETY SYSTEMS POLAND SP. Z O.O. – applicant | TROAX AB - manufacturer

We are the first company in the world to have its tests certified. We have rigorously tested our Troax fencing system. This means that we can guarantee you that our testing method ensures the highest possible level of safety of machines and devices. TUV Rheinland helped us to certify our testing method. TUV Rheinland brings together independent consultants who check the safety level of products and services in relation to human safety and environmental risk. TUV Rheinland has implemented very strict requirements for the approval of products and services, making its own certification one of the most important in the world. Our fencing system passed TUV inspections without any problems. We will show live impact tests during ITM 2024 trade fair in hall 6. For this purpose, we have prepared a Safety Zone and a crush test zone.

Robotised magazine for machine tools

POLARIS ENGINEERING SP. Z O.O. - applicant and manufacturer

RMS – planned production automation with AI support. Automatic retooling of the CNC machine with the use of the internal magazine with work-pieces, holders and tools. Planning production from just one part. Internal integration with the CNC machine prevents downtime and reduces the need for operator intervention. The work-pieces, holders and tools stored in the magazine are transferred to the CNC machine by two robots, ensuring uninterrupted production. The magazine has up to 60 containers for parts and tools.





CVP Everest

SPARCK TECHNOLOGIES BV - applicant and manufacturer

CVP Everest produces fit-to-size boxes at a speed of up to 1,100 boxes/hour. The packaged product(s), after being measured with a 3D scanner, are packed in a box without a lid and then they are transported by conveyors to the second module of the machine, where a lid of proper size is produced. Then the machine glues uses a hot-melt glue to attach the perfectly fitting lid to the box with the order. The box is extremely durable due to its bottom + lid construction (Fefco 300). The lowest possible height of the box (inner) is ~ 2.2 cm. Note that due to their minimal size, the smallest CVP Everest boxes are treated as letter shipments in most EU countries, which significantly reduces shipping costs. The CVP system is also available in a hybrid option (see attachment), which opens up further new possibilities for the user. CVP Everest is fully integrated with the customer's warehouse management system (WMS), therefore it prints and attaches shipping labels at the end of the cycle.

CVP Impack

SPARCK TECHNOLOGIES BV - applicant and manufacturer

CVP Impack is an in-line machine that produces custom-made cardboard boxes at a speed of up to 500 boxes/hour. Produced boxes have a design similar to a typical flap box (Fefco 201) secured with adhesive tape on both sides. The packed item(s), after being carefully measured using a 3D scanner, is rolled in one production cycle into a perfectly cut-to-size cardboard box. The lowest height of the box (inner) is ~ 10 cm. After producing the box, CVP Impack will print and stick the appropriate shipping label downloaded from the customer's WMS. The machine is fully integrated with the customer's warehouse management system (WMS).

Sonixs TR-Connect strapping machine

MOSCA DIRECT POLAND SP. Z O.O. - applicant and manufacturer

SoniXs TR-Connect – this automatic strapping machine with SoniXs TR-Connect remote access applications is a versatile machine for fully automatic processes. The integrated WebHMI interface provides insight into machine data such as availability, quality and performance. For frequently handled products, the user may customize the recipes. Optionally, it is possible to automatically change strapping settings via interface sensors. In advanced applications, the Mosca Digital package allows user to check the machine status using mobile devices. The open OPC UA interface enables SoniXs TR-Connect communication with many types of machines and systems.

Sky Storage - Automatic Storage System

REESINK LOGISTIC SOLUTIONS PL SP. Z O.O. - applicant and manufacturer

Sky Storage is an advanced, integrated warehouse automation solution that combines technologies offered by Reesink Logistic Solutions: Movu Robotics - the Atlas Shuttle 2D system and the Geek+ system of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). Sky Storage delivers increased efficiency, storage capacity and operational flexibility in warehouse environments. It integrates Atlas pallet handling technology provided by Movu company to ensure high-density, multi-level storage and retrieval by autonomous mobile robots (AMR) offered by Geek+company that operate in "goods-to-person" mode. Sky Storage is suitable for both B2B and B2C operations, supporting a wide range of item sizes for picking and storage. It allows operators to seamlessly add robots in order to scale operations. It is also compatible with smart equipment designed for automated smart warehouses, and maximizes warehouse space while ensuring high picking efficiency. Designed for flexibility and development Sky Storage is the ideal solution for companies looking to optimize their warehouse operations through automation.

Wearable Task Assistant

KARDEX POLSKA SP. Z O.O. - applicant and manufacturer

Increase efficiency, minimize errors and improve picking ergonomics with Wearable Task Assistant (WTA). WTA is an innovative wrist device that makes picking easier. A wireless scanner, Pick-and-Place support and a clear display on the wrist ensure a quick and error-free picking process. The system guides the operator, saving time and energy, and its advanced security features protect data and ensure operational reliability.