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Business in the digital age. ITM Fair with a plan for industry.


Preparations are under way for the next edition of the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE Fair. The event – in line with the industry's expectations – will be held in late spring, as in previous years. From 31 May to 3 June 2022, the exhibition halls will be filled with modern machinery and equipment for Industry 4.0.

This year it was the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE Fair that kicked off the industry meetings season. It was the first exhibition event for the sector after a several month break caused by the pandemic. And it was a very good opening, which was confirmed in conversations by both national and international exhibitors and professionals visiting the exhibition. The forecasts for the upcoming edition of the Fair are even more promising.

Respite for the industry

Experts assume that in 2022 the European economy will "rest" a bit as a result of the systematic removal of the industry bottleneck. These are optimistic forecasts also for ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE, which will once again be accompanied by the slogan: Industry of the digital age.

"Market data confirm that industrial robotics and digitisation are doing well and, indeed, have helped many companies to survive in these difficult times. That is why there will certainly be no shortage of these topics at ITM. For several years now, there has been a huge interest in automation, digitalisation and robotisation among managers of manufacturing companies. We are already planning not only panel discussions with the biggest leaders in this sector, but also a diverse exhibition of solutions and devices dedicated to smart factories," Anna Lemańska-Kramer, ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE Fair Director, announces.

Robotisation is on the rise

Digital factory combines existing production technology with the intelligent technology of networked communication and data processing systems. The cyber-physical systems used in it monitor processes and can make decisions – it is a vision of a digital factory that is slowly becoming a reality around the world. According to the "World Robotics 2021" report by the International Federation of Robotics, industrial companies worldwide installed 383,500 industrial robots in 2020, which means a slight increase (by 0.5%) compared to 2019. As many as 22,000 of this number are cobots. The value of all machines is approximately USD 13.2 billion. Thanks to new deployments, the global number of devices reached 3.015 million, which is up 10% on last year. Electrical and electronics companies purchased the most robots (28%) in the previous year. One in five went to automotive plants, and one in ten to factories in the metal and machinery sector.

"We will certainly show these trends at the Fair. We realize that there is much to be done in the field of robotisation in Poland, and the costs associated with digitisation are high. However, if the government's plans are confirmed, a robotisation relief will be part of a package of legislative changes. According to the assumptions, it will entitle to a deduction from the tax base of 50% of tax deductible costs incurred in a given year for this purpose. We keep our finger on the pulse, and we observe current solutions. We will invite decision-makers to discuss this topic as part of the Industry Next Congress, the first edition of which this year was a great success. The next edition of this event will also feature current opportunities of financial support for enterprises operating in the industrial sector, planning to invest in state-of-the-art technologies," Anna Lemańska-Kramer adds.

The idea for 2022

ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE is the only exhibition of machines in operation on such a scale in Poland and a presentation of innovative solutions for the industry. The flagship offer of the Fair includes: machine tools for metals, industrial automation, robotics, tools, foundry, surface treatment, additive technologies, software or industrial metrology.

For the upcoming edition, a continuation of the SMART FACTORY zone rich in intelligent solutions for factories is planned. It is a unique exhibition space prepared in cooperation with market leaders.

The STARTUP ZONE, in turn, will be open for pioneering solutions "in the spirit" of Industry 4.0, which have already passed the testing phase.

"The idea of a space for start-ups in the industrial sector was born last year, but in the next edition we plan to develop it effectively and put it into practice. All the more so as more and more "young" initiatives based on technologies appear: digital twin, AI, big data or 5G intended for companies operating in the industry. We want to enable successful launches of new applications, technologies or machines and initiate successful business ideas," Anna Lemańska-Kramer says.

The ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE Fair will be held from 31 May to 3 June 2022 at the fairgrounds of MTP Poznań Expo. Visitors will have an opportunity to visit at the same time the exposition of the Modernlog Logistics, Warehousing and Transport Fair, the Subcontracting Industrial Cooperation Fair and the Focast Foundry Forum.  On the first and second day of the Fair, the 2nd edition of the Industry Next Congress is planned.