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Investments in modern technologies at the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE fair


Market premieres and industry novelties are just one of the factors determining participation in the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE fair. Increasingly, the magnet that attracts all industry 4.0 enthusiasts to Poznań is the program of accompanying events that complement the innovative exhibition. This year, it will include a lot of practical knowledge on artificial intelligence, robotisation, digital transformation and ways to ensure production continuity in unpredictable times. Experts will present not only trends and optimal directions of change, but also advise on how to implement them effectively.

The organisers of the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE fair, observing market trends, have been departing from the traditional perception of exhibition events for a long time.

– A modern trade fair is not only an exhibition in halls, but an event combining the rich offer of leading companies in the industry with the energy of meetings, exchange of ideas and knowledge resulting from numerous debates, conferences and shows held in the same space. We try to encourage our partners and industry leaders to co-create the fair through various activities. In this edition, as in the previous year, we plan to launch two stages where invited experts will share their knowledge. We focus on important issues that have a direct impact on the development of innovative technologies in industry. We will strongly emphasise the topic of artificial intelligence, robotisation and digital transformation – announces Anna Lemańska-Kramer, Director of the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE fair.

This year's programme of events will involve both exhibitors and industry patrons. After a few years break, the Mechanics' Day organised by the Association of Polish Mechanical Engineers and Technicians, and the Engineering Forum whose agenda is supervised by the Chief Technical Organisation will be resumed.

The ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE team also plans to continue the Industry Next Congress. In this edition, however, it will last not two, but three days. – We are in the process of finalising the last points of the Congress programme – reveals Anna Lemańska-Kramer.

Nearshoring in the Polish version

One of the industry patrons of this year's edition of ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE is the Employers Association of the Polish Automation and Robotics Forum (FAiRP), a non-profit organisation founded in 2021. It brings together Polish entrepreneurs, in particular employers of the largest Polish enterprises related to the automation and robotics market – integrators, providers of solutions and services, and machine manufacturers. The Association represents and supports entrepreneurs creating solutions in the fields of automation and robotisation, in all their aspects, including scientific, technical, operational, business, financial, legal and commercial ones. Currently, over twenty companies from the industry belong to the group of members, including 14 organisations with the status of founding members. During the fair, the Association will moderate an expert panel entitled: Robotisation in tandem with automation – close to you, or even closer? Nearshoring in the Polish version.

The event is addressed to everyone interested in investing in modern and smart robotisation, automation and digitisation. This panel is addressed especially to people looking for proven companies that will accompany them in this process of change.

In the era of broken supply chains, in times of uncertainty, a trusted and proven implementation partner that is not only close, but also has competences documented in international projects is particularly important. The expert panel with representatives of investors and implementation companies, as well as technology providers will try to answer the following questions: Is the quality and value of a business partner proven by the fact that it is on the other side of the world, and why is it better than the one that is in my immediate area? What happens when my business partner, for reasons beyond its control, will not be able to perform the services or deliveries of goods ordered from it? What are the risks in the context of reaching for solutions from outside Poland? Is it realistic to launch a technological line with people from the United States, Brazil, and even France or Italy? How and where to look for local suppliers? Is financing or its lack an obstacle to investing in technology? Where to look for funds and how to become independent from programmes, subsidies, grants?

We have reached the point where there is only one answer to the question of whether to invest or not to invest in modern technologies in Polish industry – says Tomasz Haiduk, President of the Polish Automation and Robotics Forum. – It's time to make up for lost time and start catching up with Europe with the help of local companies with global experience that know how to transform manufacturing companies towards Industry 4.0. This is of particular importance in the current highly uncertain times, where broken international cooperative relations are one of the greatest obstacles to the implementation of investments. Hence, more and more often investors choose partners from the nearest area, in the so-called nearshoring. This allows for partial independence from the unpredictability of the global supply chain and ensuring the company's operation based on local resources – adds the President of FAiRP.

Digital transformation as a solution to the crisis?

'Is it a crisis yet? What’s next? Saving or investing? Training or firing?' – these questions will be answered by invited experts during the conference organised by the DBR77 company at the fair.

For a long time, dark clouds have been hanging over the global economy in the form of high food and energy prices, interest rate increases, the war in Ukraine and the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the Polish economy does not feel it so strongly yet, there are signs of a crisis spreading in ever-widening circles, e.g. in industry. We will be 'revolving' around this topic on the first day of the conference during the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE fair in Poznań.  – says Dr Piotr Wiśniewski, CEO of the DBR77 Platform.

On the second day of the seminar, the leading issue will be digital transformation.

– Digital transformation seems to be the best and only solution thanks to which Polish manufacturing companies can gain a competitive advantage on the market and acquire new orders. There are new opportunities for companies that should be used, argues Dr Piotr Wiśniewski.

How to finance the transformation of an enterprise with EU funds? How to approach the assessment of the operational and financial effectiveness of the digital revolution (construction of the Digital Development Road), how to use the new transformation tools available on the market (big data, digital twin and AI, marketplace)? – these are only some of the questions that the speakers will answer.

During the event, there will also be practical workshops on the topics discussed during the conference. The organisers plan to take a closer look at EU projects, calculating Co2 emissions, analysing the profitability of investments in robotisation, building a digital development road (enterprise e-strategy).

Arc welding demonstrations

MPLAB Prototypes, the official Gold System Partner of KUKA, a manufacturer of industrial robots, associating the best integrators, plans arc welding demonstrations during the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE fair.

Participants will learn about intelligent robots with a high degree of independence that guarantee the maximum level of safety and work comfort for the employees who operate them. During the shows, the perfect duo for welding will be presented – the MPARC Compact welding cell and the KUKA robot, which – according to experts from MPLAB Prototypes – are a great way to increase production efficiency. Thanks to the presented solutions, it will be possible to optimise the costs of tool management in welding. Participants will learn how such innovations can be financed.  – We are currently observing a huge increase in interest in industrial robots designed for arc welding. Solutions that were reserved mainly for large enterprises are increasingly being used by medium-sized and even small production companies that want to significantly reduce costs, gain repeatable, high quality welds and production flexibility. The MPLAB COMPACT compact welding cell is therefore a response to the current market needs. Most entrepreneurs, when buying a robot, decide to limit its functionality as much as possible – in this way they want to keep the price as low as possible. Unfortunately, this approach is inappropriate and can lead to problems with the correct operation of the station. That is why it is so important to choose an experienced integrator who will show you what to pay attention to and what to avoid when choosing and equipping a welding station. Of course, the price plays a very important role, but it is performance and functionality that should determine the choice of a specific solution – argues Piotr Janica, CEO and owner of MPLAB Prototypes.


ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE will be held on 30.05–02.06.2023 on the fairgrounds of MTP Poznań Expo. Visitors will have an opportunity to visit the exhibition of the Modernlog Trade Fair of Logistics, Transport and Storage, the Subcontracting Industrial Cooperation Fair, and the Work Safety in Industry Exhibition.