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It’s safe at the fair!

6/30/2020 12:00:00 PM


The Polish government is lifting the restrictions. From 6 June onwards, it is possible to organise trade fairs and congresses in Poland. Grupa MTP pays special attention to the global coronavirus outbreak.

Therefore, we are in constant contact with the national sanitary and medical services, strictly following their recommendations. With the utmost care we keep track of the messages published by the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate (GIS) and we operate in accordance with the provided procedures.

We are fully prepared to invite exhibitors and guests to the fair under new sanitary conditions.

– We are returning to the game believing that nothing can replace direct meetings, conversations and emotions accompanying the fair. This will be a special edition of ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE, full of new ideas and inspiring events according to its motto: Industry at digital age. The difficult situation the global economy is currently facing forces each industry to change and implement modern technologies. As usual, innovative solutions and a unique atmosphere will not be missing in Poznań! I warmly invite you to the annual industry feast in November! – says Joanna Kucharska, Product Group Director.

Sanitary and order regulations for Participants:

  1. Trade fair participants’ body temperature will be measured before their entry to the MTP grounds and they may be asked to fill epidemic questionnaire and sign statement on not being infected with COVID-19 neither have been contacting COVID-19 infected person.
  2. Trade fair participants (exhibitors) who submitted epidemic questionnaire beforehand, along with participation application are obliged to inform MTP about any negative health condition change or contact with COVID-19 infected person. They are also obliged to inform proper institution about their health condition.
  3. All persons present in the MTP grounds must:
    a) cover their nose and mouth with a face mask or face visor,
    b) wear safety gloves during set up and dismantling periods as well as selling and buying goods,
    c) keep 1,5 m – 2 m distance from other people in all public areas,
    d) washing their hands and using sanitizers before entering the MTP grounds as well as in all sanitary facilities and food courts located in the MTP grounds.
  4. It is advised not to distribute any handouts and giveaways during the trade fair.
  5. All food courts visitors (bars, restaurants and open-air food courts) must observe the following sanitary regulations:
    a) sanitize their hands before entering the food court,
    b) keep their nose and mouth covered with a face mask or face visor while waiting to be served and after a meal,
    c) keep 2 m distance from other people and follow signs on the floor while standing in a line,
    d) not to pay with cash (banknotes, coins) if possible. Use of the electronic payment methods – payment card or mobile applications – is advised.
    e) occupy 1 table by 2 persons only and keep the safe distance.
  6. All persons present in the MTP grounds must follow the security staff instructions concerning sanitary regulations and general safety.

Sanitary protection introduced by the MTP:

  1. All entry passes will be veryfied touchless.
  2. Hands washing and sanitizing instructions can be found around the MTP grounds. Single use face masks can be purchased in dedicated sales points in the MTP grounds.
  3. Paramedics will be present in the MTP grounds for the whole duration of the trade fair and isolation rooms will be set up for persons possibly infected with COVID-19.
  4. Disinfection in the public areas (e.g. food courts, toilets) but also touch points (e.g. door handles, handrails, tables, points of sale) will be carried out frequently.
  5. Drinks and snacks offered in the food courts will be sold in single use packaging.