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ITM Industry Europe – Digital Age Exhibition

7/31/2019 12:00:00 PM


It takes time to build a strong position in the industrial sector. It is years of hard work based on in-depth market analyses, business relations and trust. The MTP Group has been organizing industrial fairs for several decades and has over this time turned Poznań into a center of global trends in this sector.

2020 will mark the ninety-second edition of the event. Digital Age industry – this is the motto accompanying the upcoming edition of ITM Industry Europe. Partners appreciate many years of experience. The 2019 edition of ITM Industry Europe saw nearly 1,000 exhibitors from 26 countries present their offerings, and as much as 26,500 m2 occupied by impressive stands. Modern machines, robots and specialist equipment attracted 18,573 professional visitors to Poznań.

The power of the ITM trade fair

These impressive numbers leave no doubts. ITM Industry Europe is the largest and most significant industry event in this part of Europe. “The fair does not only feature abundance of exhibitions by industry leaders, but it is also home to numerous conferences, debates and trainings. The four-day-long ITM Industry Europe is built on the knowledge of experienced experts, supported by key industry associations and institutions. We are aware that the ITM trade fair could not exist without our exhibitors. They are the ones who inspire and motivate us. Without this cooperation, ITM would be in a completely different place today. Thanks to this support we are constantly developing and we are proud to be the organizer of the largest industrial fair in Central and Eastern Europe. It is not empty advertising slogans with meaningless statistics, but facts that stand behind us,” says Anna Lemańska, who has been the director of ITM Industry Europe since June this year.

The forthcoming edition of ITM Industry Europe will follow the motto Digital Age Industry. The digitization of industry assumes the use of modern information technology (ICT) in the entire production process, from design, through production and operation, to disposal and recycling.

Digitization as the key to success

New business models, new forms of collaboration and deep digitization of products and services raise the importance of understanding these changes and implementing effective strategies as a key to the success of businesses. “In the field of manufacturing, Poland still does not have a high level of digitization of industry. It is automation that is likely more developed and mature there than mechanical robotization. The problem, however, is that industry without digitization and process robotization ceases to be competitive, because its operating costs are growing. Therefore, digitization in industry is the future and we are already observing this trend. Looking at the big players in this sector in highly developed countries, we can see that the era of digitization is here for good. We can see intensified efforts to test new solutions based on digital technologies. In the next decade, digitization will remain the main factor of social and economic changes and a carrier of values, whose significance will keep growing,” adds Anna Lemańska.

Digitization triggers very rapid changes in the business environment, making it necessary for companies to react dynamically and flexibly in order to remain competitive on the market. Digital business develops in a networked system of cooperation, characterized by a different culture and way of thinking driven by the market leaders. Due to the large share of foreign capital in the Polish industry, there is a natural tendency to copy solutions related to e.g. the concept of Industry 4.0 following the economies that are highly developed. Even partial fragmentation of the digital market excludes the possibility of a transformational leap.

A data-driven economy

The Polish economy can benefit above average from increased productivity and new business models. As concluded from a survey commissioned by the Ministry of Digitization, investing in a data-based economy is the most beneficial. According to the Ministry’s website, if appropriate regulations and investments in digital technologies are made, by 2020 the value of the data market is likely to reach EUR 739 billion, which should account for 4% of the EU’s GDP.
Similar conclusions can be made by looking at the results of the research conducted in 2018 by IDC (International Data Corporation). According to experts analysing this report, by 2021 the digital economy will generate at least 50% of the world’s GDP. Thanks to digitization and implementation of new technologies, it will be possible to better profile offerings, companies will make faster decisions on launching new products or services on the market, and they will communicate more efficiently with business partners and customers using multiple communication channels. IDC’s findings lead to the conclusion that by 2021 global spending on cloud computing will have reached over $530 billion, and 90% of businesses will be using multiple cloud services and platforms. Hence why implementing cloud solutions is no longer just a matter of savings or flexibility; such solutions are becoming an important source of innovation.

“In manufacturing, logistics and even the way cities function, the analysis of very large data sets will help predict the needs and behavior of users, thus saving time, energy and other resources. It will increase productivity, efficiency and flexibility in the area of manufacturing and service provisioning. These topics are closely related to the concept of ITM Industry Europe and the development of the agenda for this event is in full swing. There will be plenty of topics of particular interest to practitioners. We also intend to continue the proven concepts such as thematic sightseeing paths. However, I can assure you that this edition will also feature a lot of new developments for the participants,” convinces Anna Lemańska.

ITM Industry Europe will be held 2-5 June 2020 at the Poznań International Fair. The exhibition will be divided into the following exhibitions: MACH-TOOL (Machining and Tools Exhibition), METALFORUM (Metalworking, Metallurgy, Foundry and Metal Industry Exhibition, Foundry Park), SURFEX (Surface Treatment Technology Exhibition, Skills Testing Ground), WELDING (Welding and Cutting Exhibition) and SCIENCE FOR THE ECONOMY.

At the same time, there will be a possibility to visit the Modernlog Trade Fair of Logistics, Transport and Storage, 3D Solutions 3D Printing and Scanning Trade show as well as the Subcontracting.