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Leaders of the Industrial Revolution at ITM Industry Europe

1/30/2020 12:00:00 PM


The industry 4.0 concept has been part of the ITM Industry Europe exhibition for years. The exhibition space of the June edition of the fair is going to reflect that. Modern technologies and machinery in operation attract crowds of professionals. We already know the leaders who will present their offering.

Metalworking machines and tools, sheet metal working, automation and robotics, advanced measurement technologies – every year these branches of industry are strongly represented at ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE by key manufacturers and domestic and international distributors. Their solutions can be followed, among others, along the so-called sightseeing routes accompanying the fair.

Sightseeing routes and a race for gold

The routes take you along the stands of the exhibitors, who offer machines, equipment, technological solutions and software in line with the Industry 4.0 concept. “We encourage companies that have decided to automate their production in the spirit of smart technologies to get involved in the project. Thanks to their participation, they can present their products and services to potential customers looking for specific, profile-dedicated solutions. Each year, the routes enjoy great popularity. A particular route, led by a professional guide – an expert in the industry, allows you to go directly to the most suitable companies,” says Anna Lemańska-Kramer, director of ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE.

The formula of the tour not only allows you to benefit from professional advice, direct contact with suppliers of the latest technologies, but also, thanks to the theme-oriented route, allows trade fair visitors to save time. The participants of this unusual walk visit the stands of selected companies whose product portfolio includes the latest technologies for integrated industry. This is where large enterprises, as well as small and medium companies can present their solutions. Those who wish to take part in the sightseeing routes use previous records, which allows for comfortable and accurate planning of their stay at the trade fair. Regardless of the sightseeing route, exhibitors compete in arrangements at individual stands every year, trying to attract visitors with new products and pioneering solutions recognized with the MTP Gold Medal.

“The MTP Gold Medal is a prestigious award that many companies would like to boast. However, it is not easy to meet strict statutory criteria. That is why only those exhibitors whose products are actually modern, innovative and manufactured on the basis of state-of-the-art technologies can boast of the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE Gold Medal. At this point it is difficult to say which branches of industry will see the most winners, because we are still waiting for proposals until April,” adds Anna Lemańska-Kramer.

In the world of metal

The technological progress that has been made in the industry in recent years is beyond any discussion. Innovative solutions that significantly improve the quality of metal processing or reduce production costs are being implemented. Processing of this material is one of the most popular technological solutions in industrial plants. Machining and rigorous manufacturing requirements are extremely critical elements for this sector of industry. At present, the tasks involving turning, milling or grinding are currently performed with an extensive use of CNC technology, using numerically controlled machines. Though automated, the entire machining process is constantly supervised. It is crucial to ensure that each of the elements is of the highest quality. As a result, parts and components that are manufactured meet the expectations perfectly.

Automation significantly increases the precision of machining. It is possible to maintain accuracy to fractions of a millimetre, shorten the time of execution, and reduce the production costs of individual parts. Such automation-based solutions will constitute the foundation of the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE exhibition, which will be located in exhibition halls 3 and 3a. Many world leading companies from this industry will present their offerings; these will include: ABPLANALP, DEMATEC, DMG MORI, GF MACHINING SOLUTIONS, YAMAZAKI MAZAK.

As already announced by the exhibitors, most of them will showcase new products at the fair, of which the most pioneering and spectacular ones will compete for the MTP Gold Medal.

The Poznań industry festival is like a magnet that attracts key companies on the market looking to showcase their modern machines. “ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE exhibitors use their machines, thanks to which you can see them in operation and judge for yourself how they work. This is a unique phenomenon in comparison to other trade fairs. No other exhibition centre in the country is able to launch such technologically advanced equipment on such a scale at the same time,” highlights Anna Lemańska-Kramer.

There are many companies in Poland which provide services in the field of technological processes aimed at changing the shapes, dimensions and chemical or physical properties of metals. One very popular method is metal forming. Lasers, cutting, bending and automation – these slogans define the activity profiles of exhibitors from exhibition halls 5 and 6: AMADA, BOSCHERT, BYSTRONIC, DIG DAWN, KIMLA, POL-SVER, POWER-TECH, PRIMA POWER, TRUMPF.

Robotization and new technologies

The slogan accompanying the next edition of the fair: The industry of the digital age will also have an impact on the exhibition itself. There will be plenty of companies involved in robotics and digitization. This area is growing rapidly at ITM, reflecting the global trends in the industry. As forecast by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), by 2022 there will be about two million new robots in industrial plants worldwide. As a result, the number of industrial robots, which by the end of 2018 exceeded 2.4 million, will almost double within a few years. Amongst other companies, FANUC and KUKA will demonstrate their industrial robotization solutions at ITM. Many manufacturing processes require precise measurements of parts with complex geometries. Experts estimate that well conducted measurements contribute not only to the value and quality of the final product, but also to about 10-15 percent of production costs in the industry. Modern solutions in this area will be presented by the exhibitors in exhibition hall 5A, housing, amongst others, CARL ZEISS, ITA, KEYENCE, MITUTOYO.

Metalworking, automation and robotics, measurement technologies are not the only industries represented at ITM. As in previous years, the exhibition will feature exhibitors showcasing the latest developments in surface treatment, metallurgy and welding, which are fundamental processes used in the industry and still evolving. Unfortunately, as indicated by the labour offices, the problem of today is poor general education of people holding welding qualifications and lack of willingness to broaden them. Welding technologies and processes are developing, there are more and more devices that can only be operated by a highly qualified person. Therefore, on 20 December 2019, the Ministry of National Education published a draft regulation on the core curriculum for the welding technician profession. This is meant to be a rescue for this disappearing profession.

ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE, with its comprehensive offer, will be available from 2 to 5 June 2020 at the Poznań International Fair. Simultaneously, the Fair will host Modernlog Logistics, Warehousing and Transportation Fair, 3D Solutions – 3D printing and scanning fair, Subcontracting and Focast Foundry Forum.

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