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Powerful exhibition and versatile program


The upcoming ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE fair, organised in 7 exhibition halls, with the area of 42,000 square meters (6 full-size football fields), will be a key event for the industrial sector. This year, the offer of exhibitors and presented machines should interest not only large factories, but also small and medium-enterprises. The program will include new initiatives addressed to a wide audience and in line with market trends.

Due to the huge interest in the exhibition space of this year's edition of ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE, the organizer, Grupa MTP, decided to increase the number of the exhibition halls for the fair. This year 7 buildings will host the exhibitors presenting metalworking machines, tools, industrial automation, robotics, metallurgy, foundry, welding and cutting, additive technologies, software and industrial metrology solutions. An important part of the exhibition will be the representation of Polish research centres under the common name SCIENCE FOR THE ECONOMY.

- Together with the exhibitors, we plan to make the current offer more accessible to small and medium-sized companies By supporting the processes of automation of Polish industry at every level, we want to provide opportunities of technological progress not only to the largest players on the market, but also to smaller enterprises with high development ambitions. Therefore, some machine manufacturers will present solutions that will be more accessible and tailored to a specific needs and budgets., announces Anna Lemańska-Kramer, director of the ITM INDUSTRY POLAND fair.

The exhibitors' offer is complemented by an exceptionally extensive program of events, which will include representatives of various industries.


Aluminium. Green future

The Polish Aluminium Association (PSA) brings together leading companies operating in the domestic aluminium industry. It represents the interests of the sector in relations with decision-makers and representatives of the business environment, promotes the use of aluminium in all possible applications, provides professional information on the industry, cooperates with the scientific and research community, also on the international forum. During this edition of the fair, PSA will organize a panel entitled: Aluminium. Green future.

- It will be attended by representatives of the leading manufacturers of aluminium products in Poland. We will talk about the opportunities and challenges for aluminium industry that result from the European green industrial transformation. On the one hand, aluminium is a material subject to production regulations resulting from the EU climate policy, but on the other - it is a raw material necessary for the production of all kinds of products that allow meeting the ambitious environmental policy goals. Aluminium is therefore a key material from the point of view of European industrial policy. The development of the aluminium industry serves to make the EU economy independent of external suppliers. During the panel, we will talk about current market trends, the legal environment and innovative technological solutions regarding the European and Polish aluminium industry - says Andrzej Michalski-Stępkowski, president of the Polish Aluminium Association.

Digital transformation and sustainable development

What are the trends and challenges related to digital transformation and its impact on the functioning of enterprises? This question (and many other) will be answered by the experts of the Poznań Science and Technology Park on the third day of the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE fair.

The discussion will cover such topics as: the impact of modern technologies on business processes and the resulting challenges in the context of changing organizational culture, adapting business models to the changing trends in digital transformation, cybersecurity and implementing intelligent business process automation systems to increase operational efficiency. The event will be an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences and establish business contacts for representatives of various industries and sectors.

PPNT will also organise a panel entitled: "What is ESG and how will it affect your company?" during which experts will explain what ESG is and why it is worth running a business in a sustainable way.

 - We will present business trends and legal regulations regarding reporting on sustainable development issues and explain how they will affect the relationship between large companies and their smaller contractors. There will be also discussions about the biggest challenges and opportunities arising from measuring and managing the impact of companies on the environment and society, and the role of technology in addressing them. Panel participants will learn how ESG factors affect the company's financial condition and building a competitive advantage; whether it is worth implementing an ESG strategy and how to initiate it – explains Roman Niedzielski, manager of the Business Scaling and Capital Investment Team at PPNT.

Data unification and technical documentation

The agenda of the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE fair includes a speech by Comarch experts who will present the benefits of using data unification in production management on the example of their solutions. During the lecture, the participants will learn how much the unification of data affects the efficiency of the entire production plant, as well as the reduction of costs and the elimination of errors in production processes. The speakers will also talk about solutions of Comarch IoT MES that help to achieve the goals related to Lean Manufacturing by bringing the entire enterprise closer to Industry 4.0 / ERP 4.0.


In times of crisis, many companies are looking for savings, while not giving up further development. Can these two elements be integrated together? There is a strong synergy between savings and development, and their combination is well-designed engineering solutions and efficient management of technical communication. According to experts from Etteplan, which is an international company with Finnish roots that sets trends in industry digitization, these areas have a common denominator – innovation and savings. Participants of the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE fair will have an opportunity to take part in an interesting lecture by Piotr Garbela from Etteplan, who has been helping companies go through the process of streamlining and increasing efficiency in industry for over 10 years.


The topics presented above are only some of the issues that will be discussed at the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE fair. The program of this edition will be successively updated on the event's website. The ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE Fair will be held from 30 May to 2 June 2023 on the fairgrounds of MTP Poznań Expo. Visitors will have an opportunity to visit the exhibition of the Modernlog Trade Fair of Logistics, Transport and Storage, the Subcontracting Industrial Cooperation Fair, and the Work Safety in Industry Exhibition.