SAVE THE DATE: 3-6.06.2025🔥📣🔥📣  


UAB Technologiniai valdymo sprendimai at ITM Industry Europe

Visit the exhibitor's stand, which you will find in the hall 5 at the stand 91.

Boost your production efficiency with HorasOEE, the OEE software trusted by manufacturers.
HorasOEE simplifies production monitoring. It automatically collects data, visualizes it in real-time, and tracks downtime.
Identify bottlenecks and monitor performance – all with one easy-to-use system. HorasOEE empowers you to understand your production processes and make data-driven decisions to reduce waste and optimize OEE.
Think of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) as the ultimate scorecard for your production line. It reveals how much of your planned production time is truly productive – no wasted time, only perfect quality parts flying off the line at top speed.

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