Novelties ITM Industry Europe 2019

3 czerwca 2019

New products are the biggest attraction for professionals. Most of fair visitors are coming to the ITM Poland Fair to see premieres and novelties. ITM Poland is the best place to show and promote new products on the polish market! Get to know new products of ITM 2019.



INK-100 printing support – Instant marking of details  in the working area of the CNC plasma cutter using  the inkjet method on.

Printing support allowing for quick describing of  details using alphanumeric characters without affecting the material structure. It solves the problem of falling  off stickers or necessity to use a pen.

EasyCONTROL – Wireless, comfortable and safe  control of the machine from any place Lightweight and handy wireless remote control that  enables remote control of STIGAL CNC plasma  cutter from anywhere in the machine’s working area.  It significantly speeds up the user’s work, especially  when paired with large working area machines.
Intuitive Cutting Wizard – effortless, repeatable cutting quality An intelligent cutting assistant utilising panoramic  21.5 inch touch screen. It allows for achieving  high-quality cutting in just three quick and easy steps,  regardless of the user experience level.
Guard Line-O safety system
The optical safety system combined with an innovative  energy absorber sets new safety standards for plasma  cutting machines with speeds of up to 45 m / min.  It meets the PN-EN ISO 17916 standard.
Prevotex MD Sp. z o.o. Sp.K/ PAVILION 3A, STAND 2A
High pressure coolant systems LNS CHIP BLASTER PREVOTEX MD as LNS representative provides  innovative peripherals for machine tools. Our offer includes LNS CHIP BLASTER high pressure coolant  solutions, designed with various flows and pressures,  to deliver clean filtered coolant for maximum machine  productivity. The HPC system is fully customized through a wide  selection of factory supplied options.
Easy Robots Sp. z o.o./ PAVILION 6, STAND 111

Robotic cell with storage system model Box CNC.
The robotic station with a storage styem for details  has been designed for CNC machines. It is a closed  module, cooperating with a drawer storage. The  station includes:
– 6-axial manipulator
– operator’s panel
– control cabinet with EScontrol software
– gripper for cnc applications
– safety fencing

Auto Partner SA/ PAVILION 4, STAND 76

Impact wrench 1/2″, 1360 Nm, BOXER The BOXER impact wrench is characterized by  optimum torque in combination with a compact  construction. Its length is only 150 mm at the moment  as much as 1360 Nm. The durable and proven Twin  Hammer impact is reinforced by a BOXER engine  design that increases key efficiency by as much as 25%.


Atmo Sp. z o.o./ PAVILION 5A, STAND 56

Pneumatic agitator Atmo MP-1300EX Mauser
Pneumatic agitator dedicated for flammeible fluids.  Agitator MP-1300 Ex has an Ex Atex Certifiacte to the explosive risk area application and can be mounted  on the IBM/Mauser tipical tanks 1000 liters .

Gudel sp. z o.o./ PAVILION 3, STAND 17

Condition monitoring for rollers.

Güdel defines and uses Condition Monitoring for a  set of Industrial Internet of Things (Industry 4.0) based  products and tools for Güdel customers to perform  condition basedmaintenance on smart Güdel products. The rollers are of significant importance for the  function of the Güdel systems e.g. for linear tracks,  robots, gantry systems or linear axis. For this reason  it is important to know the condition of the rollers in  order to ensure the function of a system. Continuous evaluation of automatically generated data,  with the aim of predicting the failure of certain  components is the aim of Güdel. Güdel customers get a complete system with software  installation to collect, evaluate and local store data.
■ Modular and pre-configurated system
■ Extendable at any time
■ Investment security because of flexibility
■ Single source concept
■ High rate of vertical integration
■ Extensive product knowledge as roller manufacturer



Drill-n-Tap tapping attachment
Self-Reversing tapping attachment for drilling and  tapping with high-speed reverse, pre-selective torque control and quick change.  Now you can center drill, drill and tap using the apping head for all  three steps!

ScribeWriter marking tool
Scribing tool for CNC machines. For marking of  different materials up to 62 HRC hardness, and surface  variations up to 5mm. Fast marking without spindle  rotation. Simple programming directly at the machine  control or from the programmers work station using engraving software.

TapWriter for CNC Dot Peen Marking
The TapWriter allows you to mark your work piece  while you are machining it without the need for a  secondary marking operation. Part numbers, date  codes, logos and even decorative patterns and artwork  can easily be created with this unique dot marking  tool. You can mark soft plastics or steel as hard as  55 HRC.

MH CNC Marking Heads
Eliminate the need for expensive secondary marking operations. The Marking Head allows you to mark the work piece during the machining process. Simple  to install on Machining Centers, CNC lathes or even  manually controlled conventional machines. Compact  in size, they fit easily in the tool magazine or turret  without interference.

Evatronix SA/ PAVILION 5, STAND 95

eviXmatic – Automatic Scanning and Measurement System
eviXmatic is a four-axis scanning and measurement  system integrating the eviXscan 3D scanner to perform  full-field, non-contact part measurements with high  accuracy in the fully automated process. The system  delivers quality inspection report based on predefined  scanning scenarios and templates.


Renishaw Sp. z o.o./ PAVILION 3A, STAND 30

XK10 alignment laser system
A system for checking alignment during construction  is essential for an accurate, efficient, and reliable  machine tool. This avoids errors being identified after
the machine has been built, when they are much more  difficult to correct. Regular alignment checks are also  valuable during on-site service, maintenance or  following a collision.
CARTO calibration software
The package enables the collection and analysis of  data from the XL-80 laser system. CARTO supports  linear, angular and straightness measurements with  remote external triggering (TPin). The program offers  a new database of measurement results, which  automatically stores and groups user data, which in  turn simplifies its operation and allows for quick and  easy comparison of data with other results.


Eckert AS Sp. z o. o./ PAVILION 5, STAND 44

ConnECKt 4.0
ConnECKt 4.0 is an intelligent system that main  mission is introduction of Eckert cutting machine  owners into Industry 4.0. It is based on a user friendly
dashboard application which shows a “digital twin”  with all required information from the Eckert CNC  cutting machine to a managing person to every place  on the world. It concerns among others: machine  condition, efficiency, times of cutting and pauses,  spare parts and gases consumption, incoming  maintenance dates, environment temperature and many  more.* Downloaded data is remembered and used to  creating analyzes and statistics which are helpful for
production management to boost the it´s efficiency. ConnECKt 4.0 system is designed for most of Eckert  cutting machines. There is allowed implementation to  earlier models due to special Retrofit 4.0 package .*Depends on the machine equipment



„Ściskpol” is a maufacturer of hand tools and a large  range of metalworking machines. In a offer of our  products You can find vices, bending machines,  hydraulic presses, lever shears and clamps. Particular  attention in our assortment is returned to hydraulic presses. Our specialty are CNC services, that is milling, turning and drilling. We have a modern park of numerically controlled machine tools.


IPG Photonics Sp. z o.o/ PAVILION 5, STAND 13

LDD-700 – Inline Welding Process Monitor
LDD Weld Depth Monitoring System offers five  monitoring modes: keyhole depth, seam profile, workpiece height, finished weld surface height, and bead profile – all in real-time from a single instrument.
YLS-6000- U – the Smallest from Factor 6 kW industrial laser in the World
Supplied in the smallest form factor available on the market, these lasers can be easily integrated within cutting machines.
YLR -3000-HPP- 2x Peak Power Boost in Pulsed  Mode
The QCW capability provides peak powers up to 2x  average power, allowing increases in speed, improved piercing quality and piercing of thicker materials. The reduced heat input in the 2x Peak Power mode results in higher quality cuts of intricate parts along with cleaner and more controlled drilling of thicker materials.
AMB – fiber laser with Adjustable Mode Beam Capability
Adjustable Mode Beam (AMB) allows to change  output beam mode on the fly and increase flexibility  in cutting and welding applications. AMB enables  programmable adjustment of the output beam mode
to any combination of a small-spot high intensity  bright core to a larger ring-shaped beam.

Yamazaki Mazak Central Europe Sp. z o.o., Oddział w Polsce/ PAVILION 3A, STAND 14

Information silos are one of the major areas of  inefficiency in any manufacturing operation. Those with management responsibility will make  better decisions if they can access high quality, real  time machine and production data. With Industry 4.0, information silos are broken down  and data can be quickly analysed and shared with all  levels of an organisation, from factory floor to  management suite, purchasing, finance and logistics. SMOOTH Monitor AX SMOOTH Monitor breaks down information silos, by  ensuring that operational results of each machine can  be accessed by all the relevant people, using a LAN  connection.
SMOOTH Monitor graphically represents the status  of each machine and offers an overall visualisation  of factory status. Dashboards can be displayed in the  factory or monitored via a smartphone or other mobile  device with key information, such as spindle load,  available for analysis at all times. Crucially, with SMOOTH Monitor, other  manufacturers’ machines and equipment can be  managed from the tablet. SMOOTH Monitor uses  MTConnect, an open, royalty-free manufacturing  communications protocol that has the ability to connect  different machines and automation systems on the  factory floor, enabling third party suppliers of  equipment to connect with CNC systems, such as  SMOOTH Technology. The software facilitates communication between  different manufacturing devices and software from  different suppliers, enabling the implementation of  Industry 4.0 principles that will ultimately generate  productivity improvements.
MICRON3D color 10MPix – 3D scanner
Ultra precise 3D scanner with high resolution and  sensitivity, certified in accordance with the  recommendations German VDI / VDE standards.  It enables obtaining precise ones information about  geometry and color of any object with accuracy  geometric 0.015mm. MICRON3D COLOR 10MPix scanner, thanks to its  accuracy, is ideally suited as a device for quality  control and reverse engineering as well as visualization. As a result of the measurement with MICRON3D  COLOR 10MPix scanner we get colorful clouds with  a resolution of up to 400 points / mm2 representing  information about X, Y, Z coordinates and RGB color  at every point. This allows 3D measurements of dark  objects and shiny with meteorological accuracy.
SMARTTECH3D Position Control System
SMARTTECH3D Position Control System is a  unique and flexible solution, each time adapted to  specific user’s needs. Specialists from SMARTTECH  choose 3D scanners and expand  SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software, which is then integrated into one efficient SMARTTECH3D  Position Control System. Solution has also got an  intelligent communication module capable of  communicating with other industrial devices and  internal systems, which gives the opportunity to  integrate with fully automated production lines in  modern factories. The SMARTTECH3D Position Control System is a  perfect tool for quality control in every modern  factory.

OBERON 3D L. Pietrzak i Wspólnicy Sp.j./ PAVILION 6, STAND 8

System of environmental OBERON 3D
System of environmental OBERON 3D sensors  allows use sensors of temperature, pressure,  humidity, illuminance etc. in one common structure.  System architecture allows add next sensors in any  term of system exploitation using wire or wireless  connection.

TYROLIT Poland Sp. z o.o./ OPEN AREA, STAND 1

The new clamping technology for angle grinders  is ready for instant market success. TYROLIT and  Bosch are the leaders in this technology. Thanks to  the simple click mechanism, the abrasive disc –  eg the cutting disc – connects with the X-LOCK  angle grinder in a few seconds. The abrasive disc  must have a special mounting that works with the  X-LOCK mechanism and TYROLIT is one of the  first manufacturers of abrasives that introduced this  attachment to assortment of abrasive discs.
Cerabond X
CERABOND X conceals the combination of a  ceramic grain with a new structure with our unique  binding system which guarantees unchanging  aggressiveness and unsurpassed durability. Thanks  to this technology created grinding wheels are  the best solution for grinding steel and stainless  steel in industrial applications.

Fundacja “Z Robotem za Rękę”

FRC Youth robotics team NewTech 7570
We will present a robot that has been completely  invented, constructed and programmed by the youth  robot team NewTech 7570 for the international
FIRST robot competition in Istanbul and the Lublin Robot League. Founded by the Foundation, the team is the second Polish FIRST Robotics Competition robotic team. FRC (www.firstinspires.org) is an international competition whose goal is to build a robot that performs certain activities, and then compete with teams from around the world in the final competition (www.firstinspires.org). The team consists of junior high school and primary school youth.



eRs Cloud
eRS Cloud – is a modern reporting system providing unlimited possibilities of creating dynamic reports. The system based on the latest programming solutions allows for any creation of graphic reports, dynamic and static presentation of data. Export of forms to popular formats (PDF, JPG, Excel) and further analysis, for example in Excel .It enables integration with CAD/CAM and any ERP system, which allows for unitary naming of materials, control of costs, quality, damage. The reporting system is prepared to work in Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory modes.
veRis – graphical user interface
Eagle eSoft eRis is a new product from the eSoft software series. It is a completely new quality of human interaction and external systems with the Eagle
laser cutter. While creating this solution, the emphasis was placed on intuitiveness and ergonomics of work. The use of leading technologies in the field of software development enabled the implementation of innovative solutions that fully exploit the potential of the computing units of the machine. The user interface has been designed in line with current UI and UX trends, making it easier than ever to operate the machine. Integration with the new reporting system eRS Cloud allows to obtain more precise data, bringing eRS reports to a higher level. New control algorithms working with eRis allow even more efficient machine operation.Work ergonomics, intuitive operation, revolutionary design. This is the brief description of the eRis project. This is a completely new quality of human interaction and external systems with the Eagle laser cutter.

Baumalog/ PAVILION 6, STAND 19

Modular automated storage lift Modula Slim
Baumalog, a manufacturer of automated storage and transporting systems, announces the extension of its range of Vertical Lift Modules from the Italian company Modula, of which it is an authorized dealer. The range of available Modula automated storage lifts is extended by the Slim model, which stands out for its compact size and versatility – it only covers 3 m², can be up to 7 m in height and can accommodate up to 25 tons of articles on its shelves Modula’s Vertical Lift Modules are mainly used for storing small and light items – they work perfect among other as a warehouse for spare parts, tools and components in many industries. The use of automated storage lifts is a measurable benefit, among others in the form of quick and convenient access to stored goods, shortening and
facilitating the process of picking or increasing the storage space using the available hall height. The Slim model can accommodate up to 25 tons of articles on its shelves, and its additional advantage is simple assembly, which allows to quickly change the location if necessary (max. 2 days) and Modula WMS software facilitates integration with many ERP systems. Get to know all the advantages of the Vertical Lift Modules at the Baumalog’s stand Pavilon 6 Booth 19


Techmark L. Ogłoza, S. Zdziechowski sp. j. PAVILION 6, STAND 40
The RFID cabinet is the central point of the System allowing for recording of resources identified by RFID tags. It provides complete control over resources, automatic gathering of data for analyses, integrated reporting or process optimisation.