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The ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE fair has officcially started

- We can confidently say that we are starting the decade of industry 5.0 - said Filip Bittner, vice-president of the Management Board of the MTP Group, at the opening ceremony of the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE fair. The first day of the fair was marked by unique awards, shows and heated discussions about the latest technologies in industry and their implementation in Polish factories.

We are starting the decade of industry 5.0

- The idea of ​​industry 4.0, which we started talking about a decade ago, is now everyday life and is strongly visible at ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE in the offer of products and technologies presented at the fair. We can confidently say that we are starting the decade of industry 5.0. The biggest challenge will be to combine robotization and automation with the human factor. In this edition you can visit the exhibition of over seven hundred exhibitors. This means that not only the economy, but also the event industry is recovering after the difficult time of the pandemic - said Filip Bittner, Vice-President of the Management Board of Grupa MTP, during the opening ceremony.


A product that receives the MTP Gold Medal must be modern and unique. These are the solutions awarded at this year's fair. The winners proudly received the statuettes from the vice-president of the Management Board of the MTP Group, Filip Bittner. The jury decided to award as many as twenty-two Gold Medals to the products submitted by the exhibitors of the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE fair. Additionally, five of these prestigious awards were given to companies presenting their offers at the MODERNLOG fair.

The competition jury was headed by prof. Ph.D. engineer Michał Adam Wieczorowski, Vice-Rector for development and cooperation with the economy of the Poznań University of Technology.As the chairman emphasized, selecting the winners was very difficult due to their high level of innovation and unique features related to sustainable development.

>List of all winners of the 2024 Gold Medal Award<<

Today was also a moment of triumph for the exhibitors of the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE fair, who arranged their stands in the most interesting way, winning the recognition of the jury and, as a result, the prestigious Acanthus Aureus award. These unique awards went to the following companies: YG-1 POLAND Sp. z o. o., FANUC Polska Sp. z o. o., JAZON Sp. z o. o., HIGH TECHNOLOGY MACHINES SP. Z O.O., YAMAZAKI MAZAK CENTRAL EUROPE Sp. z o. o. Branch in Poland, TRUMPF POLSKA Sp. z o. o. Sp. K., BERND SIEGMUND GmbH, EAGLE Sp. z o. o., PROTEKT Grzegorz Łaszkiewicz Sp. z o. o., EKO-BHL Sp. z o. o., SPRAYING SYSTEMS Co Sp. z o. o. Branch in Poland. Thanks to the ingenuity of two stands from the MODERNLOG fair: HIKVISION POLAND Sp. z o. o. and SEALED AIR POLSKA Sp. z o. o.


There was also the presentation of the Consumers' Gold Medal award. This unique laurel awarded by Internet users went to CUBE.ENGINEERING SP.J. for the CUBE modular welding table.


New - Grand Prix award

A novelty of this year's edition of the MTP Gold Medal competition at the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE and MODERNLOG fairs is the awarding of a special Grand Prix award for a unique solution that moved experts and showed interesting possibilities. This turned out to be ProtoPlastMaker 4.0 - an additive and cutting center for plastics processing submitted by the WEST POMERANIAN UNIVERITY OF TECHNOLOGY IN SZCZECIN, manufactured by PPHU POLIGRAF WIESŁAW KASPROWIAK.

ProtoPlastMaker 4.0 additive and cutting centre is designed for quick prototyping and machining of large-sized plastic parts (1x1x2m). The device allows user to print from granules (PLA, PET-G, PET-G+CF, ABS, ABS+AF, ASA, PA, PA+CF, PVA) in 3 axes and process the printed item in 5 axes using one clamping positiom. This one installation This enables operator to produce the item in one, fully automated production phase. A unique feature of the solution is full support for the G-code language.

Taiwan - technology leader

On the first day of the fair, during a press conference in the Pavilion of Taiwan Intelligent Manufacturing Technologies, it was possible not only to taste the Taiwanese delicacy in the form of Bubble Tea, but above all to hear about the latest innovations of the Taiwanese industry in the field of green and intelligent production technologies, including machine tools, their key components and accessories. 💪
- Thanks to Taiwanese technologies, the industry can be not only more effective, but also more environmentally friendly - said Ambassador Sharon S.N. Wu at the opening of the Pavilion. 

In turn, Tomasz Haiduk, president of the Polish Automation and Robotics Forum, argued that Taiwan is the most trustworthy partner and this is the basis for business.

- It is also the best partner for the Polish industry. Taiwan is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world - added the president of FAiRP.

The organizer of the Pavilion of Taiwan Intelligent Manufacturing Technologies is the Taiwan Foreign Trade Development Council, which, with a view to promoting intelligent solutions of local manufacturers, has planned not only a press conference at the ITM fair, but also thematic presentations.


Technological maze

- We have something special for visitors! Industry 4.0 is like a maze full of difficult definitions and technologies: IoT, Big Data, AI, Digital Twin. It's easy to get lost in all this, and optimizing production and ensuring stability of supplies is a key issue for every company. We help companies get through this technological maze - announced Piotr Wiśniewski, Managing Director at, who today officially opened the Factory of the Future at the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE fair in the 5G pavilion.
It is here that invited guests present their innovative solutions in the field of future technologies and share tips on the direction worth pursuing. The entire DBR77 stand is reproduced in the Digital Twin, and in the AR/VR zone you will be able to check whether the virtual world matches the real world. Today, on stage, we talked about the digital search for the future and how to safely find your way through the technological maze, as well as about the leadership of the future - i.e. the lack of competences in the field of leadership, which leads to the implementation of unsuccessful innovations.


The ITM INDISTRY EUROPE, MODERNLOG AND SUBCONTRACTING fairs will last until Friday 7.06.2024.

There will be no shortage of heated debates and unique live shows over the next three days.